What Is A Integrated Dental Marketing Plan? And How Can It Benefit Your Bottom Line?

Effective Ways to Make an Integrated Dental Marketing a Success

There’s stiff competition in today’s dental industry, so it’s not enough to rely on just the quality and reputation of your practice to attract more patients, as well as to retain the patients. Even though good reputation is still the cornerstone of success, you must think outside the box—especially if you’re a new dentist. Undoubtedly, you’ll need to market your practice effectively in order to prosper. While there are a number of successful marketing strategies for dentists, integrated dental marketing is the most successful approach. It not only build awareness of your practice but also heightens patient loyalty.

How to Increase Your Marketing Results Through Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing uses a combination of both online and offline tactics to create a sizeable funnel that leads consumers through an engagement process—from interested individuals to potential patients, from potential patients to patients, and from patients to loyal patients. Well, here’s how to go about it:

dentist website search google

1. Create a website

A website should be professionally designed and contain all the information about your practice, and help new patients to locate your services. Let’s face it, prospective clients are increasingly relying on the internet for research and purchasing decisions. So having a website basically widens your operating platform and it’s easy to reach out to patients that may otherwise never know you actually exist.

Note: Your website is the hub of your integrated marketing campaign. Every component in your marketing mix will be designed in a manner that drives prospects to your site; therefore, make sure the site offers easy navigation.

2. Set up social media pages

A strong online presence is crucial for an effective online marketing strategy. You’ll need to take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Create a business page and ensure that you fill it out accurately with your dental practice information, and then link it to your practice website.


• Always engage with followers

• Add a high-quality profile photo and cover photo

• In case of negative comments or reviews, reply positively

By posting updates regularly, linking to blogs and articles on your site, and engaging with your followers, you’ll ultimately improve the overall rankings of your website.

3. Implement an in-office referral campaign

Just like any other specialty practice, dentists need a referral base in order to thrive. Getting a new patient as a referral from your satisfied patients requires a relationship-building technique. The best way to go about this is, of course, to always exceeding each patient’s expectations when they come seeking your dental services. Also, don’t feel uncomfortable asking for referrals and just assume the patients you’ve already served will pass along the good words about you to their family and friends.

The more referrals you ask, the more referrals you’ll get.

dental patient referral

4. Launch a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mailing techniques helps advertise your dental practice by emailing your specifications directly to your target patients based on the zip codes, age, gender, household income, etc. With this technique, you can easily capture those potential patients who are interested in your services and drive them to a customized landing page on your website. Mailers should, however, include special offers and a call to action. Also, try to be as brief as possible and pass accurate information.

5. Try PPC advertising

If your website isn’t ranking well in the search engines, you’ll want to try the Pay per Click Marketing technique. It can be very effective to attract more potential patients right away. Platforms such as Google Adwords allow you to target prospects searching for dental services which are offered around your area. All that you need is to choose the search terms for your ads, create the ad, and then link it to your website.  Then, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

6. Don’t forget the office banners, video displays, and brochures

This is a powerful marketing tactic to augment in-office communications and interactions with your patients. It can go a long way in improving patient retention. However, your staffs play an essential part in projecting a positive image and informing patients about the additional services you offer.

7. Get your business in your local newspaper

Be ready to advertise your dental services in local newspapers. It can help you to grab the attention of potential patients seeking your dental services, thus can increase the client base. If you budget is limited utilize the classified ad section as it is much less expensive than the full-page and half-page ads that run in the main sections. Full page ads have been proven very effective however.

There you have it a complete integrated dental marketing plan!

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